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About Us

Our Mission
Helping the customer to fill their equipment needs & to help them implement proven workflow solutions so that they are productive and profitable. Selling later, nicer, newer equipment. Then offering service support after the sell. 

Our Business History 
Back in 1982 two service guys started in the basement of a home. They took their technical abilities and true concern for helping the customer and developed Printers & Duplicator Service into one of the leaders of selling and supporting a wide variety of printing and bindery equipment.

 What makes us unique. . . 
"Trust" We want you as a customer for the long haul. We know that in order for you to think of us first we must stand out above the rest. We're "intentional" about building customer trust. 

 About our staff 
Mike Weist and Bill Lydick are the founders, but the real heart of PDS Inc. is the team of people in Customer Service: Brian, Steve, Doug, Andy, Monte, Eric, Trevor, Bruce, David, Jon, Kevin, Shannon, Mary, Rob, Michael, Kyle & Marcel.